Derek and I head to KraKow Poland

After reading various posts the previous night, Derek and I decided to change our original destination from the Salt mines in Poland to Krakow centre. We only had the one day there and driving would take up 5 hours or so. We got up reasonably early thanks to the bells again. I cooked us amulets and we also had some yoghurt  The drive was mostly high speed hi way, but just after the Polish border there was a section of construction that slowed are progress. We got into town (thanks to my tablet maps) and parked just outside of the old part of town. We walked into the main square and quickly scanned the area.

At the centre is a large building which has been used as a market for many years. Most of the sale items here are touristy now. We still walked the length of the market to check things out. By this time it was around noon so decided to find a place for lunch. We eventually found a place that was off on a side street and set back quite a ways. We entered the nicely furnished restaurant to find no one. Eventually the waiter showed up. The restaurant served regional food which is largely influenced by the Slavs, Pols and Ukraines. The turned out to be one of our best meals of the week. I had some excellent bean and sausage soup, lamb with cabbage and of-course porgies. All was excellent. We were the only ones in the restaurant. Part way through our meal a old women showed up and starting talking to the waiter in Polish. She was very animated so I could sort of figure out what she was talking about. It was a very funny scene. I asked the waiter after and he confirmed the story that she said that the restaurant was nicely decorated, but since it was positioned so far back from the street no one would find it. After lunch Derek and I headed back to the main square to see St. Mary’s Church. Simple Wow! Took many pictures but again suffered from low light levels. After a lengthy stay we walked the streets heading to the Jewish sector. Derek wanted to checkout a number of art galaries. One was particular interesting. We entered to find all of the art created looked like it had been done by a 5 year old. A old man and women were running the shop. We kept a straight face, but as soon as we left the gallery we broke out in hysterics. We headed back to our cars and headed for home. I cooked some sausages for dinner since we already had a big meal at lunch. We were running low on eggs so I decided to head over to the local grocery store to pick up some things  Everything was closed (it was 9:30 by this time).