Fall of 2019-2020 (Covid 19 year) – Photo Club Collection (Monthly Challenges)

This posting is part two of my recent club photos and it consists of images taken during our “monthly challenges”. When the pandemic hit Canada around March of 2020 in person meetings were put on hold. Social distancing became the norm and for two months the club allowed members to “revisit” photos from previous years to complete these collections. I used a few images from the past for the “Reflection/Distortion” and “Placement is Everything” themed months. Other monthly challenges with recently captured images were : “Autumn Splendor”, “High Key”, “It’s a Small World”, “Past Its Prime”, “People and Pets”, “Round the Bend”, “Spring has Sprung”, “Structure”, “Summer Fun” and “Texture”.

Fall of 2019-2020 (Covid 19 year) – Photo Club Collection (Photo Outings)

It has been almost a year since I have posted any pictures from the photo club activities so I thought I would break this collection into multiple parts. This posting covers photos taken during one of the “club outings.” When the pandemic hit Canada around March of 2020 outings were cancelled from March through till August. These images are from trips before and after that hiatus include Jones Falls, Lamoine Point, Lake on the Mountain, Sandbanks and the Trenton Air Museum.

Summer of 2018 Photo Club Collection

The summer of 2018 included trip to Point Petre to do a fitness shoot with our hosts David and Mary Robinet. I found out that the male model was a welder for Audrey’s father’s old workplace.
We also did a night shoot at the Belleville bridge which was and still is under construction. Also shown below are pictures from the “summer fun” (at the cottage) and “Music” (Ottawa visit) challenges.

Spring 2018 Club Photos Collection

Spring of 2018 included trip to Gould Lake and a trip to Kingston. For the Kingston trip, members of the club pulled photo assignments out of a hat so that every member had different things to shoot. It was to get us out of our comfort zone and shoot things that we would not normally shoot. I picked “Fashion Sense”. I also have images from the “fresh start” which included pictures from a robins nest just outside our home.

Winter of 2018 Club Outing Photos

After finally getting our South American Trip posted (Thanks very much Audrey) it is time to post my Photo Club shots from this past year. Starting with the winter of 2018. The pictures below include a trip to Joseph Leduc’s basement to do a wonderful workshop on flash lighting techniques and a trip to the Wellington waterfront to check out the ice. I also have images from the “sweet light” and “Items with a Twist” challenges.