Canary Islands – Day 19 Part 1 – Tenerife

With time winding down, we tried to get in one last great hike, as well as several sites around the north end of the island. Off to the Canaria Pine Forest first!

Alas, it seems a popular spot! The section of the road which holds the hike we wanted to do was being used for filming. They shut the road, then between shoots opened it to allow traffic to flow through – but with no stopping permitted. As the filming was to continue for another hour or so, we were forced to find an alternate hike that crossed the highway with available parking. We ended up taking trail route 9 to route 38 to Cueves Negra. Another happy happenchance – a wonderful diversion again! We hiked right over the lava flow of Mt. Vico and one of the side vents we had seen from Los Roques de Garcia.

Dan spied the caves while checking out different photo angles – they are not well marked nor easily visible. Again, many incredible rock formations with pumous, lava ‘dust’, hollow tubes, and columns – looking like they were formed yesterday. Rather than loop back to the car, Mike & I continued on the trail which hooked up with route 13 – our original target. Dan & Suz kindly returned to get the car and meet us at the original starting parking lot. They ended up finding even more interesting caves given the different perspective.

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