Canary Islands – Day 19 Part 2 – Tenerife

After reconnecting with Dan & Suz, we were off to Los Gigantos which required yet another hairy drive down to the town. This was a very steep town – but a ritzier tourist area. The view of Los Gigantos dropping straight into the ocean was very impressive – they are up to 800 metres of sheer cliff.

As it was getting later, we skipped Masca and headed for the 1000 year old Drago tree. It was tricky to get there and wow – the entire village of Icod de Los Vinos has been built around this tourist attraction! This was the first opportunistic place we have been – we were rather aggressively urged to try out wine tastings and restaurants as well as probed to enter the chintzy tourist shops. And it was the first time we were to pay to see a tourist attraction! To enter the area where the tree is costs 5 Euro each. But we found that the view from the church square was the real photo op and skipped the entry fee!

The church was beautiful and unique – but with NO photos allowed. Inside were great grey arches with another carved wood ceiling. The ornate hanging back balcony was crafted of stone. Again the statues were life-size and dressed in costume – one at least had real human hair. The front altar was extravagantly designed in gold with a central panel in silver. And again as is common in Canary Island churches, there were pews down the central aisle facing into the aisle.

One more stop for the day to make – for Michael to capture the golden hour with a shot of Las Aguas from the nearby cliffs. This time we managed to find a small dirt road that ran alongside banana fields and at the end was a good viewing area if you made a small rock scramble…. so long as you aren’t nervous of heights ;-)!

Then back for our last dinner in Las Aguas – to the Las Aguas Restaurant this time. This one specialized in seafood – so we shared a 3 person paella (seafood and chorizo), more grilled octopus, salad, and croquettes along with white wine all around. As we still had food at home to finish off, back to our place for dessert and cards. We managed to finish off the almond cake, baklava, ice cream bars and cookies! Diet time is just around the corner now….

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