South American Trip – Punta del Diablo Uruguay – Day 19

Day 19 – Punta del Diablo

We totally lost track of time in this laid back hippie turned hip paradise. We spent the first half of the day under the false impression that it was our last full day here. Only when I texted Roberto at our next BnB did we realize that we had another full day here before we had to leave. Quite the nice surprise!!!

So with time on our side, we spent the day beach bumming and watching the waterfront activity (primarily fishing boats). And of course we visited our favourite smoothie / caipi beach hut. The Maracuya & Manga (passion fruit and mango) are my fav’s and at 2 caipis for 150 pesos (about $6.50Cdn) – it was hard not to have ‘just one more’.

Before dinner we went spent time on one of my favourite beach activities, ‘rock scrambling’. We started out at Playa de la Viuda (Widow’s beach) and made our way to Playa de Los Pescadores (Fisherman’s beach) for sunset. The rocks are quite interesting; some grey, some pinkish with occasional quartz. There are large boulders and the odd ‘multi-fractured’ ones that look like brains. Some reminded us of the Olgas, others reminiscent of moguls on a ski hill. Lots of fun and no scraped knees.

Dinner this evening was at the last outstanding recommendation from Juan and again did not disappoint. So NOW we have one more full day left in Punta del Diablo.

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