Canary Islands – Day 17 Part 2 – Tenerife

And we weren’t done yet! We thought we were just going to head home, but we were wrong. For the route home we decided to take the other direction, the west route, and we were lucky that we did!

This route took us past Los Roques de Garcia. Not sure how we missed these in our research! These giant rocks are the remains after erosion showing the core lava chambers. From here you also get a panorama of Mt. Pico with clear views of its side vents and lava flows. You also find the dry ‘lake bottom’ where all the eroded sediment has accumulated – yet another unexpected find in this environment.

As we continued the drive back home, we entered another unique environment. Pine trees growing right out of lava rocks with no other vegetation – so weird to see giant pine trees amongst desolate sterile black rock. We decided we need to return here for another hike!

Then back home for our market dinner. Sliced tomato salad (our efforts to speed ripen the avocados failed) with shredded cheese; pan fried (no bbq here unfortunately) chorizo and white pork sausages; pork tenderloin; and our first, and successful, attempt at papas arrugadas. Topped off with an assortment of desserts from 2 amazing bakers. And of course, wine all around. Even cooking at home means gaining weight!!!

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