2014 Season in underway!

Attached are a couple of recent pictures taken up at the cottage.  Notice the crack in the bark of our 100+ year old pine at the point.  It was hit by lightning 2 years ago.  We are hoping that it can survive this event.

_D713027 _D713031

Back with Trail Cam pictures from the Winter of 13/14.

Just picked up the trail camera we installed on a tree at the back of the cottage, last fall.  It has been a bad winter, (the worst that I can remember) which prevented up from picking up the camera until April 18th.  The camera had taken over 260 pictures, mostly of red squirrels. The batteries were still alive and the camera even took pictures as I took the camera down.  From some of the pictures you can see that the camera had shifted twice during the winter but it was still was able to capture pictures; birds, rabbits, raccoons, squirrels, chipmunks, ground hogs and deer. Some of the better ones are shown below.

Windows all in …. and perfect weather!

Thanks Kyle for helping us put in the last two big windows.  Our view from now on will be fantastic!  The colours were very close to peak.  Watched the Fremantle Dockers play in the Grand Final.  Too bad they lost.  They played well and I look forward to seeing them play next year.  Check out the cool fog pictures.  They are pretty much out of the camera with no touch ups.