Retirement Begins! – the summer of 2016

It has been a month since we have had decent internet service at our new place in Picton.  As a result this post will be more of a collection of stuff we have done over the Summer having now permanently moved to the “county”.

It is official, Audrey and I are now retired, are have jumped into our new phase of life head first.  It has been a very hot summer with little to no rain.  In fact we had a stretch of  7 weeks without any rain. As a result, the trees on our property have been suffering.  Audrey and I have spent The summer working on the new place, (mainly indoors) interspersed with visits from family and friends.  In addition, we have spent time at our local beach, (sandbanks) and enjoyed live performances at both the local jazz and rock festivals.


The gallery collection includes photos of the new kitchen, improvements in the steps to the waterfront and a variety of summer activities.

I have joined the local photography club and hope to post addition images from this activity.