Fall of 2019-2020 (Covid 19 year) – Photo Club Collection (Bonus Challenges)

This posting is part three of my recent club photos and it consists of images taken for our “bonus challenges”. This collection of photo assignments were given to club members as a replacement activity to the missed monthly club meetings due to the pandemic. These bonus assignments gave club members a chance to stretch their creative abilities as well a their digital processing skills. Not all of the images were taken this year, although processing was done in 2020. Bonus assignments included “Bingo Card” (a variety of photographic subjects), “D&D” (a variety of specific post processing methods), “Double of Nothing” (more post processing examples), “Reworked 3 times” (taking a photo and manipulating it 3 different ways) and finally “Snakes and Ladders” (a photo scavenger hunt).