Eagle Training

During the later part of January we were treated to a display of flight training by a large group of bald eagles. They stayed around our property for about a couple of weeks, (as Hay bay slowly froze over). Most of the pictures were taken at dusk one evening, when a group of 18-20 eagles flew overhead of our home. I took most of this pictures through my living room window. The pictures are grainy due to the fact that I had to push the ISO in the camera. They have to been Photoshoped other that tonal corrections. It really was an amazing display.

Fun Digital Processing Challenge

This month five members of the PEC photoclub were given the task to digitally process each others images. For this challenge I submitted a photo I took back in 2013 on a trip to the Czech Republic. I have included both the original “raw” image as well as the fixed B&W one. The other photos were taken my members of the photo club but have been fixed by my hands. I used DXO Image Pro, Lightroom, Google Nik Collection and Photoshop to manipulate the photos.

More Fall Outings

Now that my Czech Republic photos are finally posted, I can get back to photos I have taken this fall and winter during my PEC photo club excursions. These photos are from the local “Lantern Festival” as well as the “Super Moon”. Our home was ideally situated for the moon shots so we had members come over to take pictures from our property. Both of these events ran this past fall. The close up shot of the moon was taken using a club members 200-500mm zoom lens, (thanks Dave).