Local Fashion Show

I had one of my students appearing in a local fashion show and she gave me a ticket so that I could take some pictures of the event.  It was a fund-raiser for sick kids hospital.  It was a great event and allowed me to work on my photo skills.  The lighting was very poor, even the pros that attended the event were complaining.  As a result I had to shoot very quickly and use dynamic focus tracking and high ISOs.  The runway was also very short so you did not have a lot of time to compose.  I still felt that I held my own and even got to give some shooting pointers to a young freelancer.  Loads of fun.

Fun with Photoshop

Just revisiting some of my old pictures and working on them with Photoshop.  One is from Bali and the bottles from NewFoundland.  The greenhouse was from a Hapsburg Castle in Slovakia.  The Inside of the church was in Prague.  Finally the town hall is very close to were Derek lives which is Olomouc Czech.

I think that my skills are improving since I have been teaching my full time photography class.  🙂

All pictures taken with my Nikon d200 and 18-200mm Nikon or a 12-24mm Tokina.  The Bali picture and the inside of the church were exposure bracketed.