Birthdays and First Meetings!

June 1 was a very special day at the Wotherspoon household. Mum (Nina) turned 85 years young. Little did she know that her birthday was not to be merely a dinner prepared by Joanne, but a visit from almost the whole clan!

Joanne and Mark came over to Mum’s for her birthday in the early afternoon. First Audrey and Michael arrived, which was a surprise to Mum. John, Robin, J and Alistair quickly followed. Very quickly, the house was full again. And the biggest surprise of all, Patrick, Andrea and baby Jade arrived. It was a lengthy journey in traffic especially due to a misguided google configuration faux pas. But they finally showed up for the surprise at about 7pm. They had traveled from Ottawa to our place on the previous evening and we managed to sneak in some foot print painting. Saturday morning they visited briefly with Kyle before he headed to work – unfortunately he was unable to make the trip to Hamilton that day. The normally 3 1/2 hour journey to Hamilton took them 6+ hours – a rough ride with a newborn!

But it was well worth the journey. Mum was thrilled to finally meet Jade Stella and to get to hold her. We all had a wonderful time and Jade made the rounds. Her first time meeting the Wotherspoon clan – with lots of passing the baby. J and Alistair even bravely took turns holding her. Alistair’s first time ever so close to a newborn.

A great time was had by all and hopefully we left Mum with some great memories!

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  1. What a wonderful celebration for everyone. Feet painting. Oh good for you Glamma. A great idea. What was the issue with the drive?
    \Too bad K couldn’t get time off, guess he’s the new man on the totem at his new job. Hope he’s enjoying it,.

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