California Dreaming – Day 19, Joshua Tree, California

After a busy weekend, we decided to hang around home on Tuesday March 10. Michael did venture into the park to check out the fog and clouds. They provided another new look for the park for us; little did we know the next few days would offer the same rainy, overcast weather. The low hanging clouds however gave a unique perspective to the Dr. Seuss environs.

But it was mostly time to chillax and give Jade a chance to be mobile and play. She had been in either a bed, a carseat or strapped to a body for the past few days. She was on the verge of walking. The age of the classic moves of pulling herself up on the furniture and circumanvigating the room. She would venture a step or so when she was distracted from what she was in fact doing. Thank goodness for diaper padded bottoms!

Later in the day George Patrick & Andrea headed to 49 Palms. It is accessed from another northern entrance to the park (not the one down the road from our abode) and as its name implies, is home to an oasis of palm trees. They had a Jade-less venture while Michael & I stayed back and gave them some time off.

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