California Dreaming – Day 21 & 22, Joshua Tree, California

GP, Andrea and Jade headed out early on the 12th for Phoenix for a friendly visit and then to fly out on the 13th. The weather in Joshua Tree was dull and gloomy with rain both days. Although feeling much better, I was still fighting off the cold, so we decided to lay low for a couple of days and catch up with laundry and a bit of va-ca relaxation. And much time was spent tracking the news and enjoying the view from our window.

By Thursday, March 12, 2020 the world was rapidly changing. The WHO had officially declared a world wide pandemic on the 11th and back in Canada our Prime Minister’s wife – Sophie Gregoire Trudeau had returned from a conference in London, England with Covid sending her and Trudeau into isolation. The NBA shutdown as one of their ranks had tested positive and quarantining became rampant. By March 13 the Canadian government shut their doors and the first talks of covid relief/stimulus funding were taking place. Every turn was another piece of news regarding the spread of the virus. So far, we were in a safe situation given our natural isolation and the border was open for us….

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